By the act of stitching fractured, yet interdependent moments of time, my work explores themes of memory and the displacement of the human psyche within folds of everyday life.  Sculptural and illustrative, the miniature environment, reminiscent of theatrical stage sets, combined with the imitative inclusion of banal objects, becomes doors to the uncanny. Teetering on the border of fiction and reality, the quirky infused humor is gradually replaced by empathy and compassion for the eccentric characters beset with issues of isolation, loneliness, and alienation. These sculptural stills extracted from a complex story line, present the viewer with an analysis of the human condition. They are a focus on human despair, frozen for pause and contemplation.   

            In this age of technological progress where the notion of instant is in high demand, I remain committed to a painstaking slow and manual process. The methodologies I employ are aligned towards manual construction processes, and raw childlike ceramic and clay formations. There are no ready-mades used. Through a strong dedication to craft, there is a degree of wonkiness that animates each component within the piece, creating intimate sculptures and installations. The irreproducible minutia and characters continues the conversation between lowbrow and highbrow in addition to sculpture and craft, through the interweaving of the conceptual with the aesthetic and material components of the work.


Josh Mintz was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and received his Bachelors of Art in Art from Rhodes College in 2015. He has been showed nationally in New Orleans, Memphis, New Hampshire, and Sacramento. He was awarded the MFA trustee fellowship at SFAI. In 2015, Aesthetica, The Art & Culture Magazine mentioned him in their artist directory. He received his MFA from SFAI in 2019.


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